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(6) F1 Olive Egger “Silverudd’s Exclusive” Hatching Eggs

(6) F1 Olive Egger “Silverudd’s Exclusive” Hatching Eggs

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This listing is for 6 (six) first generation Olive Egger hatching eggs. These F1 Olive Eggers are the result of a Silverudd's Blue crossed with various Marans, Welsummers and brown laying Olive Eggers (that lay some nice blooms and speckles). We’ve found that given the Silverudd’s naturally green-tinted eggs, they create a darker laying F1 OE. This season these birds will hatch blue with a small chance of black.

You can expect sweet, calm demeanors from all of our F1 crosses, and pullets will lay 4-6 green eggs per week. If you’re looking for a wider variety of green eggs - check out our multigenerational Olive Eggers!

All first generation/F1 Olive Egger hatching eggs from this pen will arrive brown, but rest assured your resulting pullets will lay stunning shades of olive, very likey with speckles!  Eggs are shipped Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays via USPS Priority Mail. All hatching eggs are packed with care and we do all we can on our end to ensure eggs arrive safely and quickly. Please understand the risks of shipped hatching eggs prior to purchase. 

We are in no way responsible for your hatch rate. Fertility is tested and eggs are hatched regularly here on our farm. If we're shipping hatching eggs, we have tested fertility & viability here first and are happy with the results. We unfortunately have no control over how eggs are handled in transit, nor do we have control over incubation methods of other folks.
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