About Us

Thank you for wanting to learn more about what makes our little farm tick!  
We began like many others. Shut down during the height of Covid my daughter, Ivy, and I (Heather) got a few backyard chickens from a good friend. Six White Leghorns in fact, two pullets and four cockerels. Being as we wanted at least a few laying hens Ivy ordered a colored layers pack from one of the big US hatcheries. Colored egg layers?  I had no idea there were chickens that lay different colored eggs, but I needed to learn more.  It was all over after that….
(our Blue Wheaten Marans rooster, Gingerboy and myself, Heather)
Ivy and I run our farm and farm page together. We each contribute different attributes to our programs for example, Ivy is a complete genetics whizz while I am borderline obsessive in the photography department and of course, much more between the both of us. This collaboration makes for a unique powerhouse when it comes to executing our goals. And our #1 goal with all of our birds be it Olive Eggers, Silverudds or Welsummers is we want to create consistent layers of bold SPECKLED eggs. Health and vigor in our birds of course is also a huge top priority but those speckled eggs, no matter the color, is what really drives our passion.
(our original coop-prior to turning our oversized garage into a chicken barn)
We are NPIP certified and have strict biosecurity measures in place to ensure our flocks stay healthy. Our birds are fed Poulin grain with daily treats of scratch grains, black oil sunflower seeds/mealworms and sometimes soaked alfalfa pellets during winter months when there is no available grass. 
We appreciate our customers so much and enjoy hosting give always on occasion so make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!  We also love hearing how hatches go and if you’ve had a great experience, we would love for customers to share their experiences in a review/rating on Facebook. 💞