Policy Page

When ordering hatching eggs and chicks from us, you agree to the policies listed below.

EXTRAS: While we always try to include extras in hatching egg orders, we can only send what the ladies give us. We will only send extras of the breed(s) ordered as to not negatively impact one’s hatching plans (as we do understand hatching breeds similar in appearance can cause difficulties). These extras are sent as “insurance” for any damages done to eggs in transit.
REFUND/REPLACEMENT POLICY: Refunds & replacements are only given on a case by case basis and are NOT guaranteed. I’m sure you’ve heard it said before - but once our hatching eggs leave our hands, what happens to them is out of our control! USPS facilities sort thousands of packages every day, unfortunately hatching eggs are no exception to these sorting machines. We take great pride in how we package our shipments, but accidents do happen. We may or may not refund/replace any PAID FOR broken hatching eggs, but this is 100% at our discretion. As aforementioned, we include as many extras when we’re given the chance. If you receive 3 extra eggs and have 2 arrive broken, these will not be replaced. As long as you safely receive the amount of eggs you paid for, no refund or replacement will be given. 
**Refunds or replacements will absolutely not be given if you choose not to have your hatching eggs held at the post office for pick up. This extra added bit of jostling around on back roads by your postal carrier we feel is unnecessary and can really impact hatch rates in a negative way. The same goes for poor hatch rates. We test hatch all our breeds continuously and only sell hatching eggs as long as we’re consistently having successful hatches here on our farm first. We have no control over your incubation methods, your equipment, environmental factors, etc. We’re always here to support you through your hatch, but ultimately, it’s out of our hands.
Chicks must be picked up within 2hrs of being available for pick up at your destination postal facility. Refunds on chicks will only be given if you pick up within this time frame and provide photographic proof of any DOA’s in original packaging immediately! (We check what time your special delivery was picked up) We try to include extra chicks in every shipment - extras are to cover any possible DOA’s and will not be refunded if you received the number of live chicks you paid for.
CANCELATION POLICY: Should you need to cancel your order for any reason, you may do so as long as you have not been provided a tracking number. ALL cancelations must be done via email or messages on social media platforms. Once your order is cancelled, you will be placed on our “Do Not Sell” list. While this may seem a bit extreme (and I assure you, we do understand that life truly happens!), we are still responsible for processing fees (meaning it costs us money x2) and it takes time to do so. 
At the end of the day we share our hatching eggs because we truly enjoy spreading the joy these amazing critters can bring on a daily basis. If at any point of time we have any feelings of discomfort, distrust or disrespect from a potential buyer, even if payment has already been sent, we reserve the right to cancel your order and send a refund at any time. It takes an immense amount of time and energy for collecting, sorting, packing, mailing and corresponding with customers. We are a two person operation (with one of us doing the majority of the above tasks). Please understand we do our best to make everyone happy and satisfied the best we can. Communication if an issue arises is appreciated. We prefer to handle any issues via messenger/email and are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about your order at any time.
Thank you all for the continued support and interest in our projects!