Meet our Ebony Eggers!
Ebony Eggers are a combination of our fibro Easter Eggers and fibro Olive Eggers. We have been working on our own line for 5 generations, with the line initially hailing from a Cream Legbar x Ayam Cemani cross. Birds have been outcrossed to various breeds including Ameraucana and Black Copper Marans to widen our variety of egg color. We are very pleased with the variety of color we are getting from our Ebony Eggers and are now working to bring back & maintain that petite, pea combed & muffed type.
These beautiful birds will lay a wide variety of egg color, ranging from light blue/green, to olive, to medium brown eggs, frequently offering some speckled or bloomed variation. Chicks hatched from our Ebony Egger hatching eggs have a 20% chance of hatching non-fibro as they are not a first generation cross. 
You can expect a predator savvy, outgoing bird that lays 5-6 eggs a week. The Ebony Eggers certainly compete for our most productive breed on the farm.
Ebony Egger Hatching Eggs
First generation (F1) Olive Eggers are a great way to add some beautiful color to your basket!
We offer two different “packs” of F1 Olive Eggers:
“The Lookers” Pack. This pack includes F1 OE’s who were bred for various feather patterns. This pack will include a mix of duckwing, wheaten, splash and black silver birds. These birds are sure to add eye candy to any flock! You can expect a variety of green shades from these birds as they come from different crosses.
“Silverudd’s Exclusive” Pack. This pack is F1 Olive Eggers that are Silverudd's Blue crossed with various Marans and Welsummers. We’ve found that given the Silverudd’s naturally green-tinted eggs, they create a darker laying F1 OE. These birds will be blue/black/splash in plumage.
You can expect sweet, calm demeanors from all of our F1 crosses, and pullets will lay 4-6 green eggs per week. If you’re looking for darker, more vibrant green eggs - check out our multigenerational Olive Eggers!

**We have merged our two F1 Olive Egger packs for the 2024 season**
"The Lookers" F1 OE Hatching Eggs
Silverudds Exclusive F1 OE Hatching Eggs
Silverudds Mix Olive Eggers:
"The Lookers" Breeding pairs:
(please note offspring may vary in appearance compared to parent stock)
Multi-generational Olive Eggers, what’s not to love! These birds are responsible for those beautiful green shades in our egg basket. 
We breed our multigen OE’s for vibrant speckled green eggs, deeper shades and occasional blooms! Birds can vary in appearance, usually in a blue/black/splash plumage, but occasionally in a wild type plumage as well. Birds may or may not be crested, muffed, pea combed, straight combed, etc. If you’re wanting a wild card that won’t disappoint- these are your birds!
We find our OE’s to be laid back, friendly and docile. While production can vary based on parentage, you can expect 4-6 eggs per week from your Olive Eggers. Please note that past the first generation, there is a 25%-50% chance that an Olive Egger may lay brown. If you’re wanting guaranteed green eggs - first generation (F1) OE’s are the way to go.
Multigen Olive Egger Hatching Eggs
Meet our Silverudd's Blues!
Silverudd's are a beautiful, petite production breed that lay a nice variety of green tinted eggs, oftentimes speckled. These birds come in a beautiful blue/black/splash pattern and have striking dark colored eyes. In 2024 you can expect to hatch mostly blue & black, with a small chance of splash. 
When we initially began with Silverudd's, we struggled with fertility issues within our flock, and quickly learned the importance of genetic diversity within our flocks. We've spent the past two years creating a genetically diverse flock, while working on creating the most beautiful speckled layers. 
All of our roosters are tested homozygous, with about 75% of our hens being homozygous. This means you can expect roughly 85% of chicks to be homozygous, and about 15% heterozygous. All offspring are guaranteed to lay beautiful green tinted eggs, and you can expect roughly 5-6 eggs a week in peak laying season.
Silverudds Blue Hatching Eggs
Meet our Welsummers!

The Welsummer was one of our very first chickens. We immediately got hooked on those beautiful speckled eggs, along with their gorgeous plumage. We have been working hard on cultivating a line of Welsummers that lay consistently speckled eggs, and we are quite pleased with our birds in 2024. While we can't guarantee what resulting offspring will lay, you can expect some amount of speckling in nearly all offspring.
Welsummers are a chatty, adventurous breed who prove to be excellent foragers when free ranging. They do great in a mixed flock and add lots of personality! Welsummers lay 3-4 eggs per week.