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Hollyoaks Fluffy Butt Hut

(6) Ebony Egger Hatching Eggs

(6) Ebony Egger Hatching Eggs

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This listing is for 6 (six) Ebony Egger hatching eggs.  Ebony Eggers are a project breed unique to Hollyoaks.  While our long term goal for them is a petite fibromelanistic bird with dark eyes, pea combs & beard/muffs, offspring may not hatch as such.  There is a possibility that offspring may not hatch fibro (approx 80% WILL hatch fibro) and traits could vary and include any, all or none of the following: pea combs, feathered legs, crests, bearts/muffs.  This season chicks will hatch blue & splash with the potential of some splashes of color in both pullets & cockerels.  We are also trying to incorporate more speckles into offpsring egg genetics as well as strengthening the fibro in our flock so this season we are also working on adding some pure Silverudds Blue/Ayam Cemani crosses.  Some dozens may include this mix & will be marked appropriately.  These chicks will hatch blue, be fibro and pullets will lay green, likely speckled eggs.  We also have our tan laying fibro girl with this SB roo as well and again, her eggs will be marked appropriately.  All EB marked eggs are straight from our Ebony Egger pen however & will make up the majority of our hatching egg dozens. 


Eggs are shipped Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays via USPS Priority Mail. All hatching eggs are packed with care and we do all we can on our end to ensure eggs arrive safely and quickly. Please understand the risks of shipped hatching eggs prior to purchase. 

We are in no way responsible for your hatch rate. Fertility is tested and eggs are hatched regularly here on our farm. If we're shipping hatching eggs, we have tested fertility & viability here first and are happy with the results. We unfortunately have no control over how eggs are handled in transit, nor do we have control over incubation methods of other folks.
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